Integration with 20 banks

1.850 +

429.000 +
user dealers

52.4 Billion TL
annual card collection

Collection from the Dealers

Payment by dealers and sub-dealers on their current accounts and customer cards.

Collection from the Customers

Collection from corporate and individual customers on the internet.

Collection from Member / Subscribers

Credit card registration in a secure environment by collecting members and subscribers

Collection through Mobile Devices/Mobile App

Collection in the field by using smart phones, tablets, mobile app without the need of POS devices.

Collection through SMS

Credit card collection by sending payment links to dealers, customers and members through SMS.

Collection through E-Mail

Credit card collection by sending payment links to dealers, customers and members through e-mail.

Foreign Currency Collection

Collection by other currency units such as USD, EURO, GBP and SAR etc. besides TRY.

ERP Integration

Automatic transfer through ERP and bank statement integration.

E-Commerce Integration

Integration for the systems such as e-commerce, B2B, online booking etc. systems and payment interface.

IVR Integration

With IVR integration, credit card collection via call center

Multilingual (TR, EN, DE, RU)

Ability to operate in different languages as well as Turkish. Both the payment interface and the admin board

Secure Infrastructure

3D Secure compliant e-collection infrastructure with PCI DSS Level 1 security standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Netahsilat all that comes to mind about the answer to the questions in the Frequently Asked Questions.
From whom collection can be made via Netahsilat?
Collection can be made via Netahsilat from the dealers, the subdealers of dealers and the customers of dealers.
Is Netahsilat compatible with mobile devices?
Netahsilat is directly compatible with the mobile devices as it has been developed with responsive technology. Additionally, Netahsilat has a mobile application, too. Users can use the Netahsilat by the browser, and alternatively make collections through the application by simply downloading it.
In which currencies can a collection be made?
Netahsilat enables collection in 16 different currencies including in particular USD, EURO, POUND and RIYAL.
In how many languages can Netahsilat interfaces operate?
Netahsilat interfaces are capable of operating in 4 different languages: Turkish, English, German and Russian. Optionally the other languages can be added.
What does the collection via SMS and E-Mail mean?
Credit card payment can be received through Netahsilat system by sending payment links to dealers and/or customers via SMS or e-mail. When the recipient of such SMS/E-mail clicks on the said link, he/she is directly taken to the payment page where he/she can easily make credit card payment.
How much secure are the credit card data processed?
Netahsilat system has the feature of 3D Secure. And the credit card transactions are made with 256 Bit SSL. Also, its infrastructure is PCI DSS compatible.
How does the accounting process operate for the collections made?
Netahsilat system has its own advanced and sophisticated web services. Thanks to such services, Netahsilat can be integrated with ERP/Accounting system, and the payments can be automatically transferred to the ERP/Accounting. Furthermore, those companies which don’t prefer such integration, can manually make their accounting transactions by using the information provided in the accounting statement they receive online via e-mail.
Which banks’ virtual POS can be integrated?
Netahsilat offers 20 banks’ virtual POS integration ready for use. These banks are as follows: Yapı Kredi, Akbank, Garanti Bankası, Türkiye İş Bankası, Finansbank, Halkbank, Vakıfbank, Denizbank, TEB, Ziraat Bankası, Kuveyt Türk, Albaraka, Şekerbank, ING Bank, Aktif Bank, Anadolu Bank, Türkiye Finans, A Bank, HSBC, Odeabank

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