Garanti Bank and Netahsilat Cooperation

Garanti Bank and Netahsilat Cooperation

Garanti Bank & Netahsilat Cooperation

garanti netahsilat is birligi

With Garanti Bank & Netahsilat Cooperation, companies can have 15% discount on Netahsilat products and 1 year free on Garanti Virtual POS.

Garanti Bank Netahsilat Campaign

Garanti Bank member merchants will use Netahsilat products with a 15% discount during the campaign period. “Netahsilat Kurumsal” provides online collection from vendors and customers. It is an application that allows merchants to make their payments mostly by credit card.

Companies that currently use Netahsilat products and are not Garanti member offices may apply for Garanti Virtual POS, 3D Secure, Common Payment Page and Warranty Shopping with “Netahsilat” reference from the bank branches. These products are free for 1 year.

Campaign Prerequisites;

Current Garanti Virtual POS member merchants can not benefit from 1 year free campaign. In order to benefit from the campaign, it is necessary to define a new member merchant.

In order for the campaign to be applied to a workplace, the Garanti Bank member workplace evaluation process must be completed in a positive manner.

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