What is Netahsilat?

What is Netahsilat?

Netahsilat ile Türkiye’de sanal pos hizmeti veren 19 bankanın sanal pos entegrasyonu tek ekrandan kullanılabilmektedir.

Netahsilat is an e-collection system that allows online collection over Internet.

With Netahsilat, the integration of the virtual POS of 20 banks providing virtual POS service in Turkey can be used from a single screen. With Netahsilat, it is possible to make collection through credit card in both installment and bullet payment via web from dealers, consumers, subscribers and customers.

Those enterprises which have dealers can make collections over Internet from their dealers, or subdealers and customers of their dealers.

Thanks to the features offered by Netahsilat, the dealers or the subdealers of such dealers can make the collections from the sales to their customers, into the virtual POS’ of the parent company. This enables both the dealers and subdealers to make sales without need to obtain a POS and/or virtual POS from the banks, and without having to pay high commission fees.

Bayileri olan işletmeler bayilerinden, bayilerinin alt bayilerinden ve bayilerinin müşterilerinden internetten tahsilat yapabilmektedirler.

Netahsilat ile uzaktaki bayi ve müşterilerden SMS ve e-mail ile link gönderilerek kredi kartı tahsilatı yapılabilmektedir.

Netahsilat allows credit card collection from the distant dealers and customers by sending them a SMS or e-mail link.

Payment can be made by clicking the link sent to the dealers or customers by SMS or e-mail, and then entering the card details. Netahsilat system also allows Collection by other currency units such as USD, EURO, GBP and SAR etc. besides TRY, and can optionally operate in multi-languages.

The sophisticated web services in the infrastructure of Netahsilat enable integration of collections with all ERPs and accounting software programs such as SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics and Logo.

Via integration, collections can be automatically transferred to accounting. This provides a considerable saving on labor and time.



Microsoft Dynamics

Netahsilat’s infrastructure has the international PCI DSS security standard.

Eçözüm Bilgi Teknolojileri A.Ş., with its Netahsilat product is listed as a payment infrastructure provider on the Visa Europe solution partners list.